The condition and effectiveness of the guttering, downpipes and associated components is as important as the condition of the roof itself. Leaking, broken or blocked gutters and pipe work can be the cause of both internal and external damage to your home.

Contact Ray Jones Roofing if you are worried about the condition of your guttering and we will be happy to provide a free estimate for repair or replacement.

Gutters and down pipes are manufactured in plastic and a variety of metals including, copper, aluminium and cast iron.

The wide choice of colours and styles now available allow new and replacement guttering to be chosen to enhance the design and style of your home.

Whatever your choice of guttering its correct installation is critical if it is to do its job properly. Ray Jones roofing have teams of experienced craftsmen equipped with the knowledge and tools to repair and install all guttering and pipe work in accordance with manufacturers' specification and current health and safety regulations.

Snow Guards

Snow Guards are essential to protect the areas beneath overhanging roofs liable to snow build up. We supply and fit a range of snow guards suitable for all applications.

Annual Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive annual maintenance serice for all guttering and pipework.

This service includes cleaning and minor repairs to keep your water removal channels in good working order. This service is designed to prevent damage to your property arising from water incursion and obviate the need for expensive repairs to your gutters and pipes.