Lead roofs

Lead sheet, one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials, has been known to last for over two hundred years. Even today, with our extensive range of roofing materials, the effect of a lead roof is hard to match.

In the hands of an experienced craftsman with lead working skills a lead roof will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building, but will keep the building watertight for many years.

Lead working is a key skill at Ray Jones Roofing and we have many years experience of repairing and installing lead roofs. As well as working with older properties where the need to maintain the look of the building by using traditional materials and crafts is clear we have also installed lead roofs on more modern structures with striking results.

If you have a lead roof in need of repair or replacement or if you are considering a lead roof for a new project we are happy to provide advice and to undertake the required work.

All our lead work is fully guaranteed.